Established in 2005, DeKulture is all about weaving together the rich cultural fabric of our society with the ever-evolving world. Think of us as a friendly hub dedicated to preserving essential human values and passing them down to the next generation through timeless arts. We're big fans of traditional performing arts and crafts that bring immense value to our society, and we show our love by championing artists and their communities in unique and creative ways. We believe in providing craftsmen and artists with an alternative means of support, all while safeguarding the incredible cultural heritage of India. We strongly believe in the power of arts and crafts to foster social inclusion, promote cultural diversity, and empower individuals. So, come join us on this colourful journey of celebrating tradition, creativity, and the wonderful tapestry of India's cultural legacy!


DeKulture isn't just a luxury goods company— we are a symbol of innovation, social inclusion, and environmental consciousness, all wrapped up in sustainable practices. Our products, lovingly handcrafted in India, are a tribute to natural beauty, embracing the "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" essence of life. Our bespoke creations are living embodiments of cultural heritage and creative ingenuity.At the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to redefining lifestyle systems, placing the well-being of our clients front and centre. Drawing inspiration from the ever-evolving spirit of India, we breathe new life into authentic crafts and empower artisans to craft essentials for everyday use. We are on a mission to practice sustainability, revive traditions, support livelihoods, and showcase the enduring beauty of nature.So, let's not just honour the old but also cheer for the new—because at DeKulture, it's all about emboldening the past and celebrating the beauty of the present!
DeKulture Philosophy Banner - At DeKulture, we're dedicated to preserving India's rich cultural art and craft.


Our vision is to be a lifestyle brand deeply rooted in nature. We aspire to be a beacon of product innovation, social inclusion, environmental consciousness, and technological advancement — all harmoniously and sustainably integrated.


  • 15 Years of Dedication: Supporting artists, craftsmen, and local communities for over 15 years, showcasing their talents globally.
  • Global Craftsmanship: Meticulously designed products for international lifestyles, blending traditional Indian skills with modernity.
  • Innovation at the Core: Experience product innovation through original designs, handmade craftsmanship, and utility-focused objects across various categories.
  • Multifaceted Design Expertise: Specializing in Home Decor, Gifts, Tableware, Kitchenware, Stationery, Apparel, Accessories, and Instruments to enhance everyday living.
  • Full-Spectrum Strengths: From artistic direction and research to event management, logistics, marketing, and administration, ensuring excellence at every stage.
  • Crafting Experiences: Proficient in manufacturing experiential and handmade products, turning every interaction into a memorable experience.
  • Empowering Artisans: Dedicated to upskilling artisans and promoting local craft practices for a sustainable future.
  • Eco-Friendly Focus: Committed to the environment with recycled and eco-friendly products, ensuring responsible manufacturing.
  • Art Infused in Daily Life: Seamlessly blending artistic expression with functional design, making each product a work of art for daily use.